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Do not you usually shop online using your credit card because you’re afraid it will be cloned? So the virtual credit card is a solution in measure for you.

The virtual credit card guarantees more security in online purchases.


Credit Card Fraud

The credit card is an easy and convenient way to shop. With the advent of the internet, a universe of consumer possibilities was opened up to the consumer.

Just search the product on the computer, choose and buy. All without leaving the armchair. In a short time, the product is delivered to your home.

The problem is that to make purchases online using a credit card, you must enter the number and other data of your card on the sales site.

There are many criminals who are currently skilled at circumventing online security systems and obtaining the card data you provided.

In possession of these data, criminals can use your card to make purchases for them – and send the account to you to pay.

Cybercriminals have several ways to get their card details. Sometimes the site you’re buying is even safe, but the problem is with the wifi connection of your home internet, which could be intrusive.

Another possibility is that you are contaminated by a virus that detects everything you type on the keyboard and passes the information to the criminals.

Even when shopping in physical stores, there is always the possibility that your card will be cloned when it is passed on a tampered machine for that purpose.

Too many problems, is not it? And anyone who has ever had the clutter of having their cloned card gets stuck behind to shop again with the credit card – especially the internet.

However, there is a solution to all this: the virtual credit card.


Virtual credit card

Virtual credit card

This is a new type of credit card, which has been gaining more and more fans.

It is not a physical card. As the name itself says, the virtual credit card is just a credit card number to be used for shopping online. There is no plastic card associated with that number.

The way of using a virtual credit card is identical to that of an ordinary card. You enter in the site all the data of the card, such as name, number, expiration date, etc. Can be used even for international purchases .


What is the advantage of a virtual credit card?

What is the advantage of a virtual credit card?

The main advantage is that the virtual credit card number is generated to last a short time. Often, it is valid for just one purchase.

This is an advantage. Even if someone who is malicious is able to intercept your virtual credit card data, you will not be able to do anything with them since the card has already expired.

In this way, criminals will not be able to use the virtual card number to make purchases. Transactions will be denied by the operator.

The next time you want to shop online, you just need to order another virtual credit card number.

For banks, the virtual card is also advantageous. It has no extra cost and prevents cyber crimes that give work – and cost money – to them.


What is the cost of a virtual credit card?

What is the cost of a virtual credit card?

That’s another advantage. Since it is only a number generated in the system of credit carriers, it is issued at no cost.

This is because there is no cost of manufacturing the physical card, nor the cost of sending it to your home.


Who can apply for a virtual credit card?

Who can apply for a virtual credit card?

Anyone can apply for a virtual credit card. But often it is necessary to already have a physical credit card in the bank or institution that will issue the virtual card.

The virtual card can be requested by the bank’s application, via mobile or internet. The applicant can define the validity period of the credit card.

In some cases, the virtual card spending limit can also be set by the customer. In others, the limit will be the same as the physical credit card.


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