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A Personal payday loan is an easy solution that allows you to document your income without having to go to the employer for a certificate. Thanks to technological progress, a Personal payday loan via the Internet is also possible. In addition, non-bank loan companies often offer Personal payday loans without BIK. How does it look in practice? Check.

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Personal payday loan – how does it work? Personal payday loan over the internet – how do you get cash? Personal payday loans without BIK – what conditions must be met? How do you find the cheapest Personal payday loan?

One of the main offers available in loan companies and banks is the Personal payday loan. This does not require any special commitment on our part, because every person working in Poland and paying contributions here, receives such a document from his employer every year.

Of course, we don’t even have to leave the house because an online loan is available. In addition, loan companies compete for clients and encourage them with new advertising slogans. From them I learned that it is possible to get a Personal payday loan without BIK. Is it even easier?

Personal payday loan – how does it work?

Personal payday loan - how does it work?

The way this offer works is very simple. A Personal payday loan from 2018 is now possible because we need to provide a document for the entire last year. A Personal payday loan from 2019 will be possible only in 2020. The logical sequence of things, but sometimes questions are asked about which year the Personal payday should be. It is to be the most up-to-date, and it is the one from the previous year.

It is taken into account in most banks until April 30, i.e. until the date when settlement can be made. There is a presumption that the same financial situation as on the document is maintained. For people who earn income from a contract of employment, a loan for a Personal payday 11 is possible.

This document is given by the employer and in light of the law must provide it to the employee in paper or electronic form by the end of February in a given year. A Personal payday 37 loan is available to those who have received Personal payday 11 or have made billing via payers. Not only people employed full-time can take advantage of this offer.

There is also a loan for Personal payday 36 ‚Äč‚Äčavailable on the market, mainly for entrepreneurs conducting business activities. In this case, this is a very simplification, because, as a rule, the company’s financial documentation, which is required for loans and credits, is very extensive.

What’s more, this offer can also be attractive and interest on a Personal payday loan may be lower than a regular loan with standard income documentation.

Personal payday loan over the internet – how do you get cash?

Personal payday loan over the internet - how do you get cash?

Nowadays, virtually anything can be done over the internet. It’s the same with banking products, be it a loan or a bank account. Both banks and non-bank companies want to attract as many customers as possible, preferably at the lowest possible cost.

In addition, they tempt customers with the convenience and simplicity of reasoning, without leaving home. So there is also a Personal payday loan online. It does not require any additional documents or extensive analysis, so there are no contraindications to requesting it from home.

A loan for Personal payday 11 via the Internet is a great convenience for people employed full-time because they do not have to take a day off to settle formalities at a bank or other loan company. Each lending institution wants to automate its process of applying for credit products and simplify it to clients so as not to scare them away.

It is worth remembering that if we apply for an online loan, let’s get ready that we must provide our bank account number. Online payday loans will not be possible without this.

Personal payday loans without BIK – what conditions must be met?

Personal payday loans without BIK - what conditions must be met?

Loan companies are noisy announcing that they have a loan without a BIK on Personal payday. This is to attract those most indebted customers who have had difficulties repaying their debts in the past.

Loans without BIK and checking other registers give a chance for loans to people who have unreliably repaid their liabilities and banks do not want to talk to them. To apply for this type of loan, you must have an appropriate Personal payday in accordance with the type of income you receive, as well as an identity card, of course.

In principle, in parabanks, as a rule, all you need is personal as well as an income statement. Most often, no financial documentation is required, hence the process from application to receipt of the loan is much faster than in banks.

How do you find the cheapest Personal payday loan?

How do you find the cheapest Personal payday loan?

This type of loan is available in both banks and loan companies. To obtain such a loan from a bank, you must have an ID card and Personal payday. Sometimes banks also verify the data contained in this document by phone contact to the employer.

This is a fairly simple process, which is why, as a rule, money is launched on the same day. The situation is different in loan companies, where the verification process, which often takes place automatically, can take several minutes. It must be admitted that the level of verification of earnings obtained by customers in banks is more detailed and meticulous.

Such a loan can be launched even in 1 minute, as some companies advertise. I recommend, however, to take it with a grain of salt, because sometimes filling the application will take longer. When choosing the right offer, pay attention to the interest rate on the loan and its commission. These are the basics.

However, the key factor is the APRC, which talks about the total cost of the loan granted. It already includes interest, commissions, insurance and other fees. It is always worth to calmly analyze the offers currently available on the market and use the ranking of loans so as not to unnecessarily overpay.

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