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I can’t borrow money anywhere is a more common problem, but what exactly is the cause of this problem? Can you go nowhere because you do not have sufficient income or is it because you have incurred a negative registration with the credit check. Let us take a closer look at the various problems and see whether a solution can be found. Often you cannot go for a larger loan such as a revolving credit or a personal loan and you will have to do it by borrowing a small amount.


I can’t borrow money anywhere

I can

Suppose that you applied for a loan earlier that was subsequently rejected because you do not have sufficient income, which loan you applied for and with what amount. For a loan of for example € 5,000 you must quickly show a net income of around € 1,400, in addition to that your fixed costs may not be too high because you will then not be able to repay this loan . Perhaps it is an idea to borrow a smaller amount so that you are not only quicker to get rid of it, but also to be able to lower the monthly repayment period.

How much do I pay in installments per month?

money loan

With a loan in the form of a revolving credit or a personal loan, the minimum amount to be repaid per month is € 50, so remember that for such a low amount that you are tied to it for a long time and you are probably not that far away can look into the future to determine whether you can still cough up this in a number of years. With the set example of € 5,000 and a repayment of € 50 per month you are no less than 14 years attached to it, with such a low repayment interest also starts to play a significant role, this is between 7 and 7 % and 10% depending on your situation, but because you take so long to repay, you pay a total of almost € 4,000 in interest. The faster you pay off, the lower the total interest amount you have to pay.


Borrow money with credit check


In the other case you will have a credit check registration in the course of timesustained that you are still chasing. Now your options are rather limited because you can no longer go for a regular loan, this means that you are only eligible for a small loan , with a small amount is meant a mini loan up to a maximum of € 1500. When applying for a mini loan, having a negative credit check is no problem as long as you have a fixed income of around € 900 net per month. Note that you must repay a mini-credit in one go, you do this in a maximum of 2 installments and a maximum of 62 days.

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